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Located in the mesmerizing city of Kaunas, Lithuania is the leading medical school - Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU, Lietuvos Sveikatos Mokslų Universitetas). It is only a 100 km in the west from the capital of the country. Apart from being one of the best universities for MBBS in the world, it features the fascinating history of the time gone by. The educational museums and the rich cultural heritage make it all the more exciting for students.

This University bags 100 years of experience in the academic field and is recognized all throughout Lithuania and the rest of the world for being one of the largest and the best University of Health Sciences.

This University comprises of two major academics. One being the Medical Academy and the other is the Veterinary Academy.

LSMU Hospital Kauno Klinikos is the largest medical institution in the entire Baltic States. Students involved with nursing, medicine, and Odontology acquire their practical knowledge from this University.

The University adheres to every regulation and guidelines laid down by the EU. Today, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is recognized by the Medical Council of India and is a proud member of the World Health Organization.

LSMU is the best and most favored choice of every student who wishes to acquire the best quality education abroad. In the current date, almost 800 students belonging from 53 different countries have enrolled themselves in this University. The perks of studying at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is hard to ignore.

A student shouldn't miss out the once in a lifetime opportunity of studying in Lithuania.

Benefits of studying at LSMU University

Lithuania happens to be at the crossroad that lies between the Eastern and Western regions of Europe. The unique culture blends in perfectly with the complicated history of the country. It encompasses scenic beauty and displays a wish to improve the life of students who want to acquire higher education. Lithuania is one of the members of both NATO and Europe. It continues to be the most educated nation in the whole of Europe. From affordable college fees to superior quality education it is the number one choice of every student.

Here are some of the major reasons why one should study in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences -

  • It is the best place to hone your skills and build a promising future.
  • The cost of living along with studying is lower than the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, and other countries.
  • Lithuania is a part of the Schengen area in Europe. The Schengen VISA permits every International student to travel all the other 26 countries that are a part of this.
  • Students can be a part of different programmes here, all of which are taught in English.

The aim of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is to enhance the quality of a student's life and prepare them for the upcoming future. It is designed in a way that will meet the needs of today's modern business and academic world. Every student with dreams and high hopes for building a career must be a part of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. It is the university that transforms a dream into a reality.

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Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU)


  • Year 1 :
    Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Biochemistry, Physiology, etc, the Lithuanian language
  • Year 2 to 3 :
    Reproduction and Inheritance, Professional Competence, Basics of Neurosciences, Immune Response and Infection, Respiration and Circulation, Metabolism and Homeostasis, Basics of Preclinical Studies and Locomotion, Lithuanian Language
  • Year 4 to 6 :
    Clinical Modules, Clinical Medical Practice
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Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU)

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LSMU Hospital Kauno Klinikos


  • University is having its own Hospitals
  • Hospital is established in 1940
  • It is the largest Healthcare Institution in United States
  • Providing high-quality accessible medical services
  • Hospital Comprises of:
    • 38 Clinical Departments
    • 4 Affiliated Hospitals
    • 8 Intensive care and Anesthesiology Units
    • 12 Diagnostic and Interventional Unit
    • 2300 Hospital beds
    • 20 rare disease management coordination centres
    • 1200 Physicians
    • 2400 Nurses
    • 5000 Students
    • 1000 Residents

lsmu-hospital lsmu-hospital lsmu-hospital

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU)

Entrance Examination : LSMU Online Entrance Exam : Online examinations will start on the 7th of May and are scheduled to take place every Thursday till the end of June 2020

University conducts an Entrance Examination for applicants who are willing to take admission in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU).

The Entrance examination consists of 60 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) in Biology and Chemistry based on the high school educational programme and is given in English.

The questions are distributed as follows:

SubjectNumber of questions
(Cell Structure and Function, Genetics, Human Anatomy and Physiology)
(Organic Chemistry, Solutions, Chemical Equilibrium)
Total number of questions60


  1. Applicant providing score reports on SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) subject tests for Chemistry and Biology (a score of 550 and more) will not be required to sit the entrance test and is eligible to take admission in the University.
  2. If an applicant have successfully pursued studies in biomedical field at any other accredited university and were awarded a Bachelor Degree, you may skip the LSMU’s entrance examination. Courses completed during the previous studies, could be validated after the precise checking of curriculum.

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  • LSMU is celebrating 25 years of International Studies
  • LSMU will be celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2020
  • LSMU is member of WHO (World Health Organization), FAIMER, Recognized by MCI
  • 10% of International students are from 53 Countries
  • There are around 170 Partner Universities around the world
  • More than 8100 student currently studying at LSMU
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